Why is my address bar above not turning green as you indicate it should ?
UPDATE - November 2018
Chrome has decided to stop implementing green address bars for eV SSL certificates. We view this as a serious mistake. It makes it easier for a Government or a malicious party to arrange DNS-misdirection to occur, which can enable eavesdropping and credential takeover by that party.
At this time, whilst Chrome address bars are no longer green, they will still provide the reassurance of a company name if a eV SSL certificate is used (as Transpact.com does).
So instead of a green address bar in Chrome, you should see 'Anpa Forward Ltd [GB]' displaying at the left side of the address bar in a Chrome computer browser to provide the same level of verification.

Safari and other Apple browsers are also rumoured to possibly soon be withdrawing green address bars - we hope this does not occur, but it is out of our control.
The security of your of your data is paramount. Transpact uses only highest quality industry standard encrypted web channels according to recognised internet secure payments standards. If you see a green (safe) colour in your browser's address bar above, then you are communicating with us through a highly encrypted secure channel (certified by the widely acknowledged certification body Starfield Technologies who can be found by clicking on the green bar). The green bar above means your communication with us cannot be infiltrated nor misdirected.

If you do not see a green address bar above, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • You are using an old browser. All modern browsers support green address bars. If you are using an old browser, such as Internet Explorer 6 or earlier, you will not see a green address bar. Using such a browser is a security risk, as these old browsers are often susceptible to security flaws and attacks, and you may be putting your computer at risk by using such an old browser. If so, we very strongly encourage you to update your browser to a current version, and we cannot vouch for your computer safety. The law does not protect you if you have been grossly negligent, and using an old browser, which is inherently unsafe, is an example of gross negligence in the eyes of the law.

  • You are using Windows XP, and your settings have been configured so that your Root Certificate list is not being regularly updated.
    Root Certificates on your computer list the authorities that Microsoft decides that your computer should trust. So it is important to keep this list up-to-date. More importantly, updating the Root Certificate list regularly also removes Root Certificates that have been compromised. If these Root Certificates are not removed regularly, you may be tricked into believing that a site is genuine or trustworthy when in fact it is not, by use of a compromised certificate, so it is very important to keep your Root Certificate list up-to-date.

    To remedy this problem:
    Open Internet Explorer (version 7 or above) (no other browser, please) to windowsupdate.microsoft.com | Select CUSTOM and scan | Install any critical security updates offered AND also, a Root Certificates update will be listed in the Optional Software Updates category on the left, so ensure you install it to remove this problem.
    Make sure that your time, date, and time-zone settings are all correct before attempting the windows update.

  • It is possible that another site is trying to falsely impersonate our site. We treat your security with the utmost importance. If the above two solutions are not relevant to you, and you are not getting a green address bar from any page which begins in the address bar 'https' (but not 'http' which will not lead to a green address bar), then please contact us at Tech@Transpact.com, to let us know the problem you are experiencing.


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