Prohibited Transaction Policy

Which Transactions does not handle ?

We do not handle immoral transactions or transactions which may facilitate or cause corruption.
We also do not handle transactions which may damage our reputation, or the reputation of our suppliers (such as the banks that make and receive our payments).
For example, we will not handle any payment in breach of HSBC's Reputational Risk Policy (click link to view externally).

Whether a transaction falls within the above categories is entirely up to our discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse to handle a transaction that has not yet reached Live & Protected status due to our classifying it (at our discretion) in one of the categories above. If we decide not to handle a transaction at this point for the above reasons, then we will return any payments received, less any clearly shown charges as per our website tariff.

Once a transaction had reached Live & Protected status, we will continue the transaction as it will not be possible to cease transacting at that point (unless it is impacted by money laundering, terrorist financing or fraud).

Examples of transactions that we will not handle due to the above policy are any transaction which involves illegality, any transactions which involve the proceeds of crime, transactions involving pornography, transactions involving illegal or immoral sexual services, transactions involving drugs not under a registered medical regime and in most cases weapons.
The above list is not definitive, and gives no indication that we will accept a transaction just because it is not included within the above list.
We reserve the right to freely use our discretion at all times, and by using our service you agree to this stipulation.