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There are a multitude of uses for Transpact. To help you to understand how the service might be applicable to you, we’ve illustrated some examples below.
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Residential building work

A Secure Artwork Sale & Purchase
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Residential building work

When Andrew Booth, Director of Rufford Landscapes Ltd (www.ruffordlandscapes.com) wanted to ensure that he received full payment for his next job, he turned to BondPay Solutions Ltd (www.BondPay.co.uk). BondPay ensures that homeowners cannot be the victims of cowboy builders, and also that contractors such as Rufford Landscapes always get paid on time, and paid 100% with no set-off.

And BondPay.co.uk uses Transpact.com as its payment engine, ensuring that homeowner and contractor are both protected and secure. Transpact.com ensures that the homeowner is delivered the work they were promised or their money back, and contractors, such as Rufford Landscapes, receive every penny every time, with no bad debt or heartache.


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