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There are a multitude of uses for Transpact. To help you to understand how the service might be applicable to you, we’ve illustrated some examples below.
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Residential building work

A Secure Artwork Sale & Purchase
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Partnering with Transpact and Transpact's API

A trans-national website MedWow.com that brings buyers and sellers together, earning its fee as a commission from the transaction between the two, was successful and growing strongly based on an excellent product and a good sales-force.

But it was increasingly concerned about the damage to its reputation from the minority of deals between its clients that went wrong. They were looking for an easy, secured platform to assist in assuring all transactions end successfully.

Transpact was the solution. It can be easily integrated into the existing website flow as a partner service, and becomes an automatic add-on to the business, automatically capturing commissions and fees at no cost. The integration was completed in just a day, and an increased number of clients are now using Transpact.com for sales, especially larger valued transactions. Sales are up, and both sellers and buyers are reporting increased trust and satisfaction with the new process.

In MedWow.com's own words (they asked for this paragraph to be placed on our website): MedWow.com have found Transpact.com to meet their escrow requirements in many ways. They are absolutely delighted with the service and extra functionality that they and their customers are now benefitting from.

Many websites use Transpact.com to secure their customers, capture their website fees and commission, and increase their sales. See Partner Opportunities for more details.


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