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There are a multitude of uses for Transpact. To help you to understand how the service might be applicable to you, we’ve illustrated some examples below.
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A Secure Artwork Sale & Purchase
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An Artwork Sale and Secure Purchase

When Niall Fairhead of Images Fine Art Dealers (www.images-art.co.uk) wished to sell one of his rare Salvador Dali Sculptures to an interested party in Slovakia who he was not familiar with, he faced the prospect of an expensive round-trip journey to Bratislava to ensure payment before he handed over the artwork in person.

But instead, Niall and the seller used Transpact.com, for just €3.49 each, and Niall could not be more delighted with the protection he received. Niall said 'With Transpact.com, I knew that I was paid 100% in full for the artwork before it left my control and was sent by courier, and I could sit back and relax and await the buyer's receipt and approval. I was not at risk at any part of the process.' The buyer also benefitted, as he knew that his payment was fully protected until he received and verified the artwork. A great result - both parties are very happy with the transaction and will do further business together in the future.


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